Dana (shadowshamrock) wrote in narniacaststill,

Banner Rotation

This is for me (shadowshamrock), _ensoleille, and riotact. It is the banner rotation. If for that week you cannot post, please make a comment so that one of the remainning banner makers can pick up :)

Challenge 7: riotact
Challenge 8: _ensoleille
Challenge 10: riotact
Challenge 11: _ensoleille
Challenge 12: shadowshamrock
Challenge 13: riotact
Challenge 14: _ensoleille
Challenge 15: shadowshamrock
Challenge 16: riotact
Challenge 17: _ensoleille
Challenge 18: shadowshamrock
Challenge 19: riotact
Challenge 20: _ensoleille

omg... that felt like I filled out a time schedule at work XD Anyway the three of us basically skip two challenges then we get one again :) I hope that's not confusing.

I'm a dork. I forgot week 9.... I'll do them and week 12 as well ^.^
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